AFA Solutions

About us

Alfred Traugott Mattecka (I) purchased the processing company for animal products in Fürth/ Bavaria on 19.01.1919. His son Alfred Georg took over the family firm in 1948. In the third generation, Alfred Wilhelm Mattecka succeeded in expanding activities across Europe from 1971 onwards. Shares were held in the current companies Sonac Brünen (Germany), Sonac Osetnice (Poland), ZTS Plattling (Germany) Asavet Birkov and ASAP Vez (Czech Republic).

From our more than 100 years of experience in the animal by-product processing sector and the manufacture and trading of animal proteins and fats, the fourth generation Alfred and Yana Mattecka established the company AFA Solutions.

As an international trading company, AFA Solutions has specialised in animal proteins and fats and is present in more than 23 countries as one of the leading market participants.

As a neutral link and adviser between raw materials producers and customers we are able to sustainably create added value for everyone involved in the supply chain.

We are defined by profound specialist knowledge with regard to product compositions, market developments, logistics processes and European legislation.

We supply our customers from the pet food, compound feed, fish feed, fertiliser, biodiesel and oleochemicals industry with raw materials from our suppliers on the basis of sustainable cooperation and partnership.


AFA Solutions is a service provider and service partner for our suppliers and customers.

Our logistics team consisting of experienced national and international transport experts organises and monitors all goods movements to guarantee a smooth flow of merchandise.

Professional logistical transportation combined with full traceability and transparency is a crucial characteristic of our function in global trade.

Dependent on product procurement, customer desires and loading and unloading conditions we move our goods in silo, tipper, walking floor, tarpaulin and tank trucks and in ISO containers.

With regard to sustainable acting, we focus on precise and legally compliant transportation documentation in addition to physical goods movement. All deliveries are handed over and delivered with the necessary consignment notes, commercial documents, delivery notes, verifications, specifications and, if applicable, export certificates.

Quality assurance

AFA Solutions has committed to the highest sustainability and quality requirements to fulfil the requirements of our customers.

Especially in the handling of animal proteins and fats, precise and regular quality control is essential to guarantee a uniform and high quality product. In order to also fulfil our social responsibility as a supplier of raw materials to the animal foods industry, our internal and external processes are determined according to HACCP guidelines and are verified in regular audits of independent certification companies.

All of our raw materials are regularly analysed and evaluated by an independent and accredited laboratory so that we can examine and ascertain any type of raw material parameters at the customer's request.